Catherine Tunks & her Beautiful Dreamers Band

2017 Performance

June 3 , 12.00 pm – Whitianga Hotel

June 4, 3.15 pm – Whitianga Town Hall

Just a little part 70’s folk rock, one quart deep south country, shadows of a gospel soul priestess and a former life of a jazz & blues diva, Catherine Tunks is a performing artist that doesn’t buy into the genre moulding factory very easily.

Give this girl a telecaster and one could be reminded of Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, with the passion of Aretha Franklin. Mix in a little black magic and gospel, and find yourself on a road trip through the land where the boundaries of blues, americana jazz and alt country become one, with the band boys in the back seat and mama firmly at the steering wheel.

With award nominated music from “The Beautiful Dreamers’ EP described as ‘voodoo blues meets gospel country’ and led by the vocals & songwriting of Catherine (cat) Tunks (known to many as Black Sand Diva) and with a killer line up of Janek ‘Buck’ Croydon on pedal and lap steel, Gavin Dowling on guitars, the rhythm machine of MIke Beck (drums) and Alexander Henderson (bass), & Bruce Madden on Hammond Organ.