2017 Performance
June 3, 9.30 pm – Whitianga Town Hall
June 4, 3.35 pm – SJD Solo DJ Set – Whitianga Hotel

Described by Nick Bollinger, writing in the Sunday Star Times, Sean James Donnelly’s (SJD) music is a ‘blue-eyed soul that reaches down into the core of your being’. Sean James Donnelly, aka SJD will be gracing our stages at the Mercury Music Festival on Queen’s Birthday Weekend. He will be playing one set at the Town Hall on Saturday, with a “gutsy” stripped down version of his band, then on Sunday afternoon, at the Whitanga Hotel he will be DJ’ing a solo electronic set.

Some of the older demographic might read the phrase “electronic set” and slightly cringe, but Sean and SJD are not your typical dance-constrained pulse providers. Sean is truly using synthesizer and electronic tools to communicate emotions and stories through his melodies and lyrics.

Sean has worked with the best New Zealand music has to offer, Don McGlashan, Neil Finn, Julia Deans, Anna Coddington to name a few.